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Screenplays by Tamika Lamison

1. “Shoot the Bride,” is a romantic-comedy about a Wedding Videographer who falls in love with the bride. 

In “Shoot the Bride,” Michael, an indie filmmaker who hates weddings but shoots them brilliantly, gets hired to shoot the wedding of a major film Producer.  This could be Michael’s big break as he manages to successfully spark a bromance with the film producer.  Unfortunately, Michael makes the colossal career-crushing mistake of falling in love with the Bride.  He can’t decide if he should ‘shoot’ her or kiss her.  One move could cost him the girl of his dreams, the other, his career.

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*2. “Mae & Erma”- (dramedy) is a  female buddy flick reminiscent of “Thelma & Louise.”
Written by Tamika Lamison and Patrice Johnson

In this African-American female buddy road flick reminiscent of Thelma and Louise, two best friends win a trip to Vegas but end up having to track down some money and escape to Mexico after an abusive husband ends up dead in their trunk.

* Mo’nique has championed this script and would like it to be her next project.

3.  Memoirs of a Virgin Whore (Romantic/thriller) – a Virgin writer of erotic explores her sexuality without being deflowered.

Memoirs of a Virgin Whore is a romantic-thriller about a Catholic Virgin writer of erotic fiction who falls for an older publisher.  The Publisher helps her explore her sexuality without actually deflowering her.  This intense relationship spirals out of control into a psycho-sexual obsession that threatens to destroy them both.

ABC/Disney Screenwriting Fellowship


4.  The Jar By the Door (Dramedy)- a multi-cultural, ensemble piece about love and romance in NY.

Several quirky characters search for love and meaning in a romanticized pre 9-11 New York during one extra-ordinary week in The City. The Thief steals the Poet’s bag and becomes her perfect man.  A Cop is haunted by voices that push him to vigilantism.  A Man’s conformity threatens to define him.  A Dancer searches for a ‘real’ woman.

Gordon Parks Independent Film Award-10k, among others.  Has been optioned several times.

Project Status:
Options: Many previous options
Awards:  Gordon Parks Independent Film Award ($10,000.00), Sundance Lab Finalist
Interested Actors:  Michael Ealy, Zoe Saldana, Hector Elizondo, Nicole Ari Parker, Ernie Hudson, Viola Davis, Hill Harper, Sanaa Lathan

5.  Dogfight- a pacifist pit bull gets dog-napped into the seedy dog fighting world.  But he’s a lover not a fighter and must find his way back home.

An Animated fish out of water dramedy/action-adventure about a Pit Bull name Ralphie who is dog-napped into the dark world of Dog-Fighting.  Although Ralphie comes from a Champion line, he only knows how to be a Loving Pet.  He’s a Lover not a Fighter.  But fighting may be the only way he can find his way back home.

6.  Reflections:   WHITEa spiritual drama about 4 quirky characters whose epiphanies change their lives.

Four odd ball characters, The Cop (Angel), The Lover, The Prostitute and The Virgin all have profound epiphanies that alter and connect their lives while moving them to believe in Love and the Spiritual realm.

7.  Reflections: BLACK- darkness, evil and pain are explored by 4 tortured souls

In “Reflections: Black,” four characters: The Blind Woman, The Assassin, The Cop and The Wife explore various levels of darkness as their lives intertwine on a road that often leads to violence, revenge, regret and ultimately, for some, redemption.

8. The Nihilesthete (Psychological horror/Drama) a bitter social worker with masochistic tendencies, tortures a helpless, limbless man when he discovers the man has a talent for art.

Haberman, a bitter social worker, turns his anger and disappointment with life onto Brodski, a limbless ‘diagnosed’ retard that accidentally falls into his casework.  Haberman discovers that Brodski isn’t really retarded.  He’s an Aesthete: A lover of art.  Enraged, Haberman attempts to destroy Brodski who ultimately triumphs over the cruelest of circumstances through the strength of his spirit and the determination to create against all odds.

9.  BLOODSUCKERS (Horror/Vampire)- by Tamika & Cleve Lamison
When a high school bus breaks down, the students become fast food for a the Vampires who ‘live’ there.

Best to have triple AAA in this town.  A busload of high school students on a class trip break down in a the wrong town and realize it's populaced by hungry Vampires. A fight ensues where some of the most popular kids get eaten as only the strong survive.